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    Basics of Financial Planning – July 2017

    On July 19th, we covered the basics of financial planning during a LIVE webinar.

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    Market Observations June 2017

    With the first half of 2017 coming to a close, we’re seeing a shift in equity market leadership, with European large-cap stocks emerging from their doldrums and international stocks generally showing attractive returns.

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    How Can Technology Help You Manage Your Money?

    Today, there are countless ways technology can help you manage your money, create a better budget, and even save on the purchases you make every day. We believe that each of these can be an important component of a holistic financial plan.

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    Digital Deception: Current Trends in Cybercrime

    Cybercrime is a growing topic of importance. What tactics are digital thieves using today and, more importantly, how can investors protect themselves? Explore this topic to ensure your hard-earned assets are as safe as possible from cyber threats.

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    Saving for College AND Retirement

    These days it’s not uncommon for parents to postpone starting a family until both spouses are settled in their marriage and careers. Though this strategy can be advantageous, it can also present a dilemma — the need to save for college and retirement at the same time. Facing this dilemma? Download our four page resource which can help you navigate this challenging scenario.

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    Portfolio Stress Test

    Is your portfolio positioned for a major market event? More importantly – does your portfolio match your tolerance for risk? Our portfolio stress test can help you understand the answer to each of these questions. We provide this complimentary service to our clients and members of the public.

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  1. March 2017 Economic and Investment View

    Approaching the end of the first quarter of 2017, and the first stanza of the new Trump administration, it seems reasonable to review our 2017 outlook published earlier this year. Recent events and economic reports provide more optimism for the direction of the U.S. economy, but there are concerns that cannot be overlooked. We’ll examine just a few factors here.

  2. Atlas 2017 Economic and Investment View

    As we approach the New Year we’d like to provide our outlook for the economy, capital markets and sectors, and provide a few thoughts about where we’ve been and where we may go in the future.


    Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election clearly went contrary to prior market expectations. However, the market’s reaction seems to be more muted than many commentators projected. This is good news for investors.

    In times like these, we have always believed it is best to work to separate personal emotions from our investment decision making and focus on identifiable opportunities rather than theoretical challenges.

  4. Stock Market Averages Are Near All-time Highs. So Where Do We Go From Here?

    Stock Prices Tend to Follow Earnings Trends

    One of the fundamental assumptions about stock prices is that they follow the earnings (or profitability) trends of businesses. When earnings are heading up, stock prices tend to reflect that by moving higher. When earnings growth slows, or even moves backward, stock prices might be expected to follow suit. This can generally be seen over long time periods; however, over shorter time periods we have often seen distortions. Some market observers argue that we are currently in a period of market distortion. We’ll take a closer look and provide some observations.

  5. OUR VIEW ON BREXIT – June 27, 2016

    Markets hate surprises. Then came the Brexit vote.


    Markets reacted with sell-offs of risk assets around the world. In the U.S., Friday’s activity erased the year-to-date gains for stocks. The MSCI All World Index was down almost 5% on Friday. Gold and U.S. Treasuries rallied as investors sought out safe havens.

  6. Atlas Viewpoints June 15, 2016

    India — Shifting Into Drive

    Recent headlines have been dominated with questions regarding global economic growth. Will Britain exit the European Union? How will OPEC handle oil production? Who will be the next U.S. President? Uncertainty around these (and other) issues has led to added unpredictability in global markets. Despite these unknowns, one emerging market’s Real GDP growth has quietly outpaced the world’s five largest economies from 2014 through 2015.

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