Investment bankers are compensated well to answer these questions, and it can be costly for you, as an individual, to understand how each of these events may influence your investment portfolio. The good news is that this level of analysis and insight is available to you through Atlas Private Wealth Management.

We use Hidden Levers, a modeling system which leverages economic exploration, historical records, and quantitative analysis, to measure the relationship between macroeconomic events and asset class performance. By measuring how past economic events impacted stock market returns and bond yields, we can develop a better understanding of how similar future events may impact future returns.

In plain English, this means that you can see how your current portfolio would have performed during past market corrections, such as that in 2008. Even more important, it means that you can understand how your portfolio might perform during future periods of similar economic or political turmoil.

All told, Hidden Levers can model over 90 economic and political scenarios. If you are facing a unique planning decision, we can even build custom scenarios to match your circumstances.

How are you positioned for the next big market move?

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