Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

It takes years of intensive study and training just to become a medical professional, and building a successful practice can take even longer. You have worked hard helping others and achieving your professional goals — we are here to help with your financial goals.

Let Atlas help you simplify your financial life so you can focus on what matters most.

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Tim Hamilton, CFP®, CIMA®, CSLP® is more than a Senior Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor at Atlas Private Wealth Management. He is the husband of a plastic surgeon, the son of an orthopedic surgeon, the brother of a hospital director, and the nephew of a hospital CEO. Helping medical professionals has always been part of his life. 

Medical providers have to balance a variety of responsibilities, most importantly to their patients. These demands leave little time to focus on financial goals. Tim understands the unique challenges of life as a medical provider, and Atlas is here to help clinicians achieve the financial future they deserve.

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    Don’t have time to listen to a podcast? Don’t worry. Visit the Planning on Call blog for a written recap and key takeaways from each podcast episode, plus additional insights from Tim Hamilton.

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