Student Loan Specialist on Staff!

We’d like to congratulate Atlas’ Senior Vice President, Tim Hamilton CFP®, CIMA®, CSLP® on earning his Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation.

The CSLP® designation is administered by CSLA Board of Standards, whose mission is to benefit the public by building a network of dedicated, competency-tested, licensed, and vetted financial and tax advisors delivering student loan guidance with the duty of care of a fiduciary.

The CSLA Board was created in 2016 to elevate the level of advice provided to those struggling with student debt.  Creating the Board allowed for an issuing body to ensure those with student loans were being serviced ethically and professionally, while also creating a distinguished credential that could be recognized by those seeking financial assistance with student loan repayment.

Tim is excited to bring his expertise to an increasingly important area of personal finance:

“I pursued this designation because I believe student loans/ repayment are still treated as an afterthought as opposed to a critical component of the financial planning process.  This area of financial planning often falls to the wayside, partially due to a substantial lack of comprehensive understanding in the financial services industry.  The more I learned about student loans, the more I realized the complexity of the varied loan assistance programs and the deep level of understanding necessary to ensure a highly indebted individual is making the right decisions.  Consequently, this financial burden is only compounded when individuals balance loan repayments with paying for a wedding, buying their first home, and starting a family.

Coming from different specialties, we can do some amazing work

I am proud to work for a firm that considers financial planning so important. Coming from different specialties, we can do some amazing work combining cash flow, tax, investment, insurance, and now student debt planning into a holistic plan that can help young professionals grow their careers and families.  There are so many complex options when it comes to paying off your loans, and it is becoming increasingly vital for individuals to use a team of planners that understand not only student loans but how tax and investment planning needs to be incorporated into any long-term debt repayment plan.

I believe the student debt problem in America is one of the biggest, most impactful financial drain on families and individuals in this country and my generation in particular.  From my own family, in which my wife piled up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt on her journey to eventually becoming a surgeon, to numerous friends and clients, I have seen so many people put their lives on hold until they can pay down their student debt.  Helping others tackle their debt as efficiently as possible so they can ultimately pursue their lives confidently, has been a driving force for me.”

We encourage anyone who has questions on student loans to consider reaching out to their Wealth Management Advisor or Timothy Hamilton at .

To learn more about the CSLP Designation, please click here.

Send your student loan inquiry to Tim

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