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    LGBTQ+ Planning

    By Suzanne Beczak |

    As we wrap up a month-long celebration dedicated to uplifting the voices of members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, know that here at Atlas, we take pride in providing customized financial planning for all of our clients.

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  1. Does the 2021 Tax Filing Extension Apply to You?

    By Brendan Walsh |

    As we approach the traditional April 15 tax filing deadline, you may be aware that the IRS recently announced an extension of time to file a 2020 individual tax return until May 17, 2021.

  2. 2020 Tax Planning in a Pandemic: Updates, Strategies & FAQs Webinar

    2020 has been rife with challenges and uncertainty, and there is much to keep track of amid a global pandemic, an election year, and legislative changes. Listen to Brendan Walsh guide you through important concepts to think about as you prepare for your 2020 taxes.

  3. Planning for Incapacity

    By Christopher Aiello |

    What would happen if you were mentally or physically unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs?

  4. Understanding Roth Conversions Webinar

    On August 18th, 2020, clients and community members had the opportunity to watch our live “Understanding Roth Conversions Webinar.” Recent legislation has significantly changed the landscape of retirement planning. Learn about the potential benefits and impacts to consider from these new provisions in the recording of this webinar, now available for on-demand viewing.

  5. Estate Planning During the Novel Coronavirus… Chris Aiello, Director of Trust & Estate Planning, shares considerations for any age

    By Christopher Aiello |

    Conventional wisdom says that only people who are older or wealthy need to create one of these or worry about estate planning in general. However, even people who are young and have modest amounts of assets should have a plan for when they die.

  6. Tax Planning for Capital Gains

    By Brendan Walsh |

    As stock shares generally appreciate in value over longer periods we should know that eventually, we will have to pay taxes when we sell the shares. The question then becomes, what are some strategies to lower the capital gains hit?

  7. Year-End 2019 Tax Planning Webinar

    On December 3rd, 2019, clients and community members had the opportunity to watch our live “Year-End 2019 Tax Planning Webinar.” The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created a host of opportunities for tax savings. Learn how to maximize the opportunities under the current tax laws by reviewing Atlas’ webinar, now available for on-demand viewing.

  8. Estate Planning – Is a Trust Right for You?

    By J. Christopher Aiello |

    There are many different types of trusts. There are almost certainly a few trusts that could benefit you (which ones depend on your personal goals and life circumstances). To identify and then implement an appropriate trust, a basic understanding is necessary.

  9. 2018: Year in Review

    By John C. Ogle |

    With the recent increase in market instability, we have been working diligently to analyze it all and define the path to set for the future. So, we want to take the time to briefly share our views with the hope that we can provide some consolation and guidance as we begin the New Year.

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