Financial Counseling for
Employees of Independent Schools

Improving the financial health of faculty and staff doesn’t just help their financial futures. It also helps protect the future of your organization. Let Atlas help simplify their financial lives so they can focus on what matters most… your students.

Why Atlas?

A comprehensive review of observations from letters written to participants spanning 5 years, 21 schools & 1,104 meetings


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Atlas Private Wealth Management has a long history of working with individual employees at independent schools. We know concerns expressed in meetings often focus on unique and personal needs. We are prepared to address these and other financial planning topics and provide immediate feedback.

This brochure highlights many of the financial challenges faculty and staff face, and how Atlas can help. Our personalized financial counseling program is designed to guide individuals toward making smart decisions with their finances to achieve better long-term results.

  • How We Can Help

    We provide faculty and staff with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions about their financial futures and achieve financial freedom.

  • Your work can leave you with little time for anything else. Atlas is here to help.

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While you work towards your professional goals, Atlas Private Wealth Management will be there to help you build a healthy and secure financial future for you and your family.

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