Investment Management

Our approach to investment management always begins by developing a deep understanding of a client's financial goals and risk tolerance. Once this is established, we leverage our understanding of U.S. and global capital markets to create truly customized portfolio recommendations.”

John C. Ogle

Senior Vice President
Chief Investment Officer

Investment Management

Is the process of seeking the highest potential return for an acceptable level of risk. Can you sleep at night after a 10% or 20% market loss? Our entire process starts with determining your tolerance for risk and your financial objectives.

Stock Options

Employers can have different stock award plans.  The Financial Planning Team at Atlas can conduct an analysis to determine an effective strategy for your company stock options, restricted stock units, and stock incentive plans.  We can evaluate the tax implications of your stock awards and strategize about how to obtain the most beneficial financial outcome for you over time.

Investment Advisory

A primary mission at Atlas is to determine appropriate investment options in which to put your hard-earned dollars. Don’t “go it alone” when it comes to your financial future – partner with an investment advisor who can bring years of expertise to your portfolio.

Atlas Private Wealth Management will be with you every step of the way as you navigate the world of retirement. This is a new phase of life for you and we are here to simplify it.

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