On March 8th, 2021, we held our webinar, “WIRED: Confronting the Gender Wealth Gap,” where we discussed how women could take charge and invest in retirement, education, and the development of their overall wealth. 

This event was hosted by Atlas PWM’s Lissa McNaughton and Suzanne Beczak, where they were joined by special guest, Sonya del Peral, Co-founder of Nine Pin Ciderworks, to share her personal experiences.

We covered a number of wide-ranging topics including:

  • What financial goals should I consider?
  • How much should I be saving towards retirement?
  • How can I assess sound investment decisions?
  • How do I protect the people and things that are important to me?

Atlas Private Wealth Management conducts educational webinars throughout the year. Interested in attending our next LIVE webinar? Simply contact us at 800-432-7447.

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