Financial Planning

What separates us from our competitors is a level of dedication to our clients that is rare to find in the financial sector this day and age.  At Atlas, we genuinely care about the financial and overall well-being of each and every individual we do business with.”

Robert Palmer

Senior Vice President
Director of Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Is one of our core principles at Atlas Private Wealth Management. We are focused on your financial future and manage your assets as if they were our own. Our attention to each individual account is what separates us from other financial management firms. We meticulously plan each account on an individual basis from seed funding to finalization – this allows our clients to pursue their financial goals and feel financially confident along the way.

Education Funding

How will you pay for college? A 529 college savings plan is a great place to start. Your Atlas Wealth Management Advisor can help determine an appropriate and efficient savings vehicle to pursue your college savings goals. Grandparents, or others who wish to contribute to a child’s college savings plan, can even open an account on the child’s behalf.

Cash Flow Management

Whether you are an individual or a business, Atlas can help you develop a cash flow model based on current liabilities and income. We help you develop a plan which takes into account short-term needs and long-term goals, creating a truly holistic strategy. 

Insurance Review

An insurance policy review may be a critical component of any financial plan. As your portfolio matures, it is important to review your insurance coverage from time to time. This can include health, home, whole life, and even annuities. 

Retirement Planning and Financial Projects

At Atlas Private Wealth Management, we focus on developing forward-looking cash flow projections that are customized for you and your family. When to have cash on hand, when to pay down debt, and when to put cash into savings can all be assessed during this process.

Elder Care Issues

When it comes to financial planning for elder care, many families unfortunately find themselves severely underprepared. Regardless of the situation, financing elder care is a serious matter for many families and requires a significant amount of planning. Whether it be consulting with attorneys who can assist with estate planning, or guiding you through the financial situations you’re facing, Atlas Private Wealth Management can help you before, during, and after this process.

Retirement Planning and Life Style Projects

How would you like to live in retirement? Where would you like to live? How often would you like to travel to see friends, family, and new parts of the world? A retirement plan starts with determining your goals and your current financial situation. Your Atlas Wealth Management Advisor is committed to helping you pursue your retirement dreams.

Estate Planning and Gifting

The current tax code can provide significant penalties for estate transfers and gifting. Your Atlas Wealth Management Advisor can help determine when, and how much, is appropriate to gift to loved ones and charities.

Debt Management

Whether it is college debt or a home mortgage, you need a strategy to pay down these obligations. Your Atlas Wealth Management Advisor can build a payment plan which will optimize cash flow and pay down these debt obligations in the most tax-efficient manner.

Whether you are just getting started or living in retirement, Atlas Private Wealth Management is here to provide advice, insight, and perspective.

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