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    Atlas Digest : All Eyes on the Jobs Report

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, June 11, 2024… Stocks rose last week despite conflicting stories from economic reports…..

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  1. Atlas Digest : Stocks Slide

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, June 4, 2024… Socks edged lower in the final week of May as fresh news on economic growth and inflation failed to inspire investors…….

  2. Atlas Digest : Market Splits

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, May 28, 2024… Last week’s stock performance was mixed, following investors’ reaction to the Fed’s May meeting minutes, while a handful of mega-cap tech companies created a buzz with their news……

  3. Atlas Digest : Dow 40,000

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, May 21, 2024… Stocks notched a solid gain last week in a mega-cap, tech-led rally bolstered by positive inflation news……

  4. Atlas Digest : Jobs Market Shows a “Goldilocks” Outlook

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, May 14, 2024… Jobs data from the past few months have shown unemployment levels remain low while job growth stays strong—but not too hot…

  5. Consensus and The Fed: Who Should You Trust?

    By John C. Ogle |

  6. Atlas Digest : Stocks Pop, Drop, Then Rally

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, May 7, 2024… Determining what’s next for interest rates in the context of stubborn inflation is no simple task. But Powell was as straightforward as possible at the press conference…

  7. Atlas Digest : Earnings vs. Inflation

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, April 30, 2024… Rising bond yields threw a wet blanket on market momentum; at one point, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose more than 40 basis points…

  8. Atlas Digest : Silver Linings

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, April 23, 2024… “Earning season” picks up during the next four weeks…

  9. Atlas Digest : Inflated Expectations

    This Week’s Atlas Digest, April 15, 2024… Fears of an escalating Middle East conflict also weighed on stocks during the week…

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