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    Atlas Highlights – Summer 2021

    Each quarter, we provide updates on matters such as Atlas events, community activities, and new associates.

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  1. A Letter From Susan

    By Susan Dellaghelfa

    I’m writing to let you all know that I will be retiring from Atlas this summer.

  2. An Economy in Bloom

    By John C. Ogle |

    Having seen markets rebound so well over the last year, insightful investors will refocus their work on looking toward the future. We at Atlas are no different.

  3. Student Loan Education Series Part 2

    Timothy Hamilton CFP®, CIMA®, CSLP® |

    This segment is relevant to anyone with managing their student loans no matter their profession, especially those that have large debt levels due to extensive postgraduate education. Listen in at your own leisure and learn potential strategies to support the next steps of your educational and career journey today.

  4. Student Loan Education Series Part 1

    Timothy Hamilton CFP®, CIMA®, CSLP® |

    We’d like to congratulate Atlas’ Senior Vice President, Tim Hamilton CFP®, CIMA®, CSLP® on earning his Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation.

  5. Does the 2021 Tax Filing Extension Apply to You?

    By Brendan Walsh |

    As we approach the traditional April 15 tax filing deadline, you may be aware that the IRS recently announced an extension of time to file a 2020 individual tax return until May 17, 2021.

  6. Atlas Highlights – Spring 2021

    Each quarter, we provide updates on matters such as Atlas events, community activities, and new associates.

  7. Spring Has Sprung and Interest Rates Climb

    By John C. Ogle |

    Ability to “listen” to the markets assumes an understanding of what drives certain indicators. As we know, pure interest rates (such as U.S. Treasury Rates) are driven by two factors: economic growth expectations, and expectations for the rate of inflation.

  8. Surveying The Battle Field – What We Learned About Investing In 2020

    By John C. Ogle |

    As we continue navigating this climate, we look forward to bringing you these types of communications and aim to answer the questions of the day.

  9. The Atlas Advantage: A Decade in Review

    By Kollin F. Allard, CRPC® |

    Erik the Red, Ferdinand Magellan, Blackbeard, and countless others depended on Atlas to guide them safely to their final destination. It makes me think of our business – the journey we have gone through as a firm, our role in the industry, and how we educate and navigate our clients down a path targeting their unique life goals.

Whether you are just getting started or living in retirement, Atlas Private Wealth Management is here to provide advice, insight, and perspective.

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