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    Atlas Highlights – Fall 2022

    Fall has arrived! As we look forward to the upcoming holidays, we reflect on what Atlas team members have been doing in recent months.

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  1. Spring Has Sprung and Interest Rates Climb

    By John C. Ogle |

    Ability to “listen” to the markets assumes an understanding of what drives certain indicators. As we know, pure interest rates (such as U.S. Treasury Rates) are driven by two factors: economic growth expectations, and expectations for the rate of inflation.

  2. Surveying The Battle Field – What We Learned About Investing In 2020

    By John C. Ogle |

    As we continue navigating this climate, we look forward to bringing you these types of communications and aim to answer the questions of the day.

  3. The Atlas Advantage: A Decade in Review

    By Kollin F. Allard, CRPC® |

    Erik the Red, Ferdinand Magellan, Blackbeard, and countless others depended on Atlas to guide them safely to their final destination. It makes me think of our business – the journey we have gone through as a firm, our role in the industry, and how we educate and navigate our clients down a path targeting their unique life goals.

  4. What’s Next? Post Election Thoughts on the Markets

    By John C. Ogle |

    On a very macro level, we think that there will be a modest market reaction to the election in the coming weeks. Markets like gridlock in Washington, and with the potential for a divided Congress, we think the eventual political landscape will impede immediate implementation of at least two of the more noteworthy Biden policy initiatives.

  5. Cybersecurity Awareness with Atlas’ COO

    By Kristen Schreer |

    Fraud attempts are a reality for everyone, they are both ever changing and take various forms. Keeping your information secure is a top priority for Atlas.

  6. Planning for Incapacity

    By Christopher Aiello |

    What would happen if you were mentally or physically unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs?

  7. May You Live in Interesting Times

    By John C. Ogle |

    This year has been like no other, and at Atlas we’re preparing for what will no doubt be an interesting few months of political, economic and social give-and-take.

  8. Fall 2020 Atlas Highlights

    Each quarter, we provide updates on matters such as Atlas events, community activities, and new associates.

  9. 4 Simple Steps to Start Building a Financial Plan

    By Robert Palmer |

    These first steps are just the foundation of the financial planning process. There are many intricate layers to financial planning such as tax planning implications, investment strategies, life insurance considerations, estate planning and more.

Whether you are just getting started or living in retirement, Atlas Private Wealth Management is here to provide advice, insight, and perspective.

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