Uncertainty and optimism: looking at the global market and economy, a case could be made for both. In a recent video market commentary, Atlas PWM Chief Investment Officer John Ogle shared his thoughts and insights on the investing and economic landscape as 2023 begins in earnest. 

The reopening of China’s economy, the return of manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas, and a very low unemployment rate are all reasons to be hopeful. At the same time, we have China reopening their economy, and U.S. manufacturers ‘re-shoring’ manufacturing jobs. There is also the elephant in the room: the ongoing war in Ukraine. As long as hostilities continue, the uncertainty around the markets and economy will continue to linger. How this will unfold and how it will affect global economic growth is currently unknown.

So what could this all mean for investors? In short, it’s too soon to tell—but no matter how things unfold over the course of the year, the team at Atlas Private Wealth Management will be here to help you navigate the market and economic landscape.

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By John C. Ogle | jcogle@atlaspwm.com