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    Let’s Pause on Doom-Scrolling: An Examination of the Current Dynamics Affecting the Market

    By John C. Ogle |

    We at Atlas came into the year with a defensive tilt to our portfolios, but as the year has progressed, we’ve been compelled to take further actions to reduce the level of credit exposure in our bond holdings as well as to reduce our international exposure on the equity side.

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  1. Investor Behavior: Forgotten Truths and Open Secrets in Investing

    By John C. Ogle |

    In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the misconceptions that are common in the investment arena.

  2. An Economy in Bloom

    By John C. Ogle |

    Having seen markets rebound so well over the last year, insightful investors will refocus their work on looking toward the future. We at Atlas are no different.

  3. Q1 2021 – Bonds Down, Stocks Up. But That’s Not the Whole Story.

    By John C. Ogle |

    We at Atlas have learned some valuable lessons in the last year, re-learned others, and feel encouraged about the future.

  4. Spring Has Sprung and Interest Rates Climb

    By John C. Ogle |

    Ability to “listen” to the markets assumes an understanding of what drives certain indicators. As we know, pure interest rates (such as U.S. Treasury Rates) are driven by two factors: economic growth expectations, and expectations for the rate of inflation.

  5. Surveying The Battle Field – What We Learned About Investing In 2020

    By John C. Ogle |

    As we continue navigating this climate, we look forward to bringing you these types of communications and aim to answer the questions of the day.

  6. What’s Next? Post Election Thoughts on the Markets

    By John C. Ogle |

    On a very macro level, we think that there will be a modest market reaction to the election in the coming weeks. Markets like gridlock in Washington, and with the potential for a divided Congress, we think the eventual political landscape will impede immediate implementation of at least two of the more noteworthy Biden policy initiatives.

  7. May You Live in Interesting Times

    By John C. Ogle |

    This year has been like no other, and at Atlas we’re preparing for what will no doubt be an interesting few months of political, economic and social give-and-take.

  8. A market commentary from Atlas’ Chief Investment Officer, John Ogle, as he shares insight on what has been occurring in the markets over the past few months

    By John C. Ogle |

    We think that global bank interventions, combined with aggressive fiscal policies have provided a safety net that the markets desired, and then some. We could parse out pieces of these programs, and debate the long-term effects of this level of government intervention in markets, but throughout the Summer… it is evident that investor’s spirits were buoyed.

  9. A market commentary from Atlas’ Chief Investment Officer, John Ogle, as he shares thoughts on what we witness in the market during an election year

    By John C. Ogle |

    It’s important to bear in mind that historically, the markets don’t convey much information about the election other than the immediate three month period before the election. While market participants are watching the direction of current polling data and the possible outcome, markets are currently being much more influenced by factors such as the economic and financial impacts of the Coronavirus

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